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Show some love to the Pascal bindings

A topic by Dariusz "Darkhog" G. Jagielski created Jul 13, 2018 Views: 474 Replies: 5
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They're stuck at library version 1.11 (if the comment is to be believed) so update would be nice. Pascal isn't as bad as you think. Also, perhaps a Lazarus/Delphi component to render a TilEngine scene would be good. And docs, even if generated with pasdoc.

//edit: Also add Pascal examples.

Developer (1 edit)

You're right! But the truth is that the Pascal wrapper was submited once by a contributor, and then he abandoned it. I don't know Pascal/Delphi and I'm sure it's a great language, but I cannot maintain the binding. Someone else with Pascal knowledge should be in charge of it, and that would be appreciated. And the same goes for the Lua/FFI binding: submitted once, then abandoned.

It's sad really. Don't have enough knowledge to update bindings or make a Lazarus component (I can't afford Delphi, it's too darn expensive), but would use it if someone would make those. I'll go ask around on some Pascal-related sites, maybe someone could update them.


This is the link in the pascal game development forum thread where the wrapper was announced and posted:

And this is the link to the original commit by his author, turric4n:

BTW, nobody should be forced to use a commercial application to develop free and open source software. Delphi should be discarded for this task.

I know and that's why a Lazarus component (Lazarus is open-source Delphi-like IDE, basically) should be made first, then maybe add one for Delphi so nobody is forced to do anything (if they prefer Delphi and have license they can use it, if they don't like delphi or can't afford it, they can use Lazarus). I'm actually on PGD and I'll ask about it.


Hi dude, Wrapper is updated :)