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List of bugs I've encountered so far

A topic by Chernobyte created Jul 08, 2018 Views: 146 Replies: 3
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-there seems to be spots in different areas where you can get "out of bounds"

-when entering rooms with a lot of NPCs I get a window that pops up out of the game telling me "There are no NPV spots on the template. Please try to download the latest version of the game." which I presume is show because there are too many NPCs

-also in rooms with a lot of NPCs many are stuck in walls

-again, in rooms with a lot of NPCs many are close together, so when you push 'E' to talk to them, every NPC's text window pops up that you're close to.

-in rooms with a lot of files (i.e. I had one room with 89 enemies) many enemies of the same type spawn on top of each other

-also in rooms with a lot of files, some enemies will spawn out of bounds

-when an NPC is standing on a platform directly above you, they begin to turn left and right incredibly fast

I'll update this as I come across more. Hope this helps

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you so much Chernobyte! And yes, all this feedback helps us a ton!

We'll take note for the next version (some of those are known issues so expect them fixed really soon)

Thanks again!!

BUG:  An enemy spawned in an area outside the playable area making it impossible to clear the room.

BUG: Rooms that use the Greek temple / pillar design seem to be more CPU-intensive than other room designs as my laptop slows down to a snail's pace and the rooms are unplayable.  Performance return to normal once returning to the previous screen so seems to indicate something with this particular room design is to blame.  Rest of the game appears to run at full speed so my aging laptop isn't the issue.


Hey! do you remember the kind of room and the monster that spawned out of reach?
About the performance regarding the blue halls, we will release an extra option to disable shaders that should make it run better.