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Demo Changelog (up to v0.0.1.3) Sticky

A topic by nanimonull created Jul 07, 2018 Views: 591 Replies: 7
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Developer (5 edits)


Known issues:

  • Can not load ANY levels, and ANY levels saved are invalid due to bad checksums. (Fixed in v0.0.0.2)


  • Main Menu with Quick-Play and Credits
  • Improved tile art by @ApplefootCz
  • Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V will now Save Level To and Load Level From clipboard, respectively.
  • Can now hide Level Editor menu - Hides itself on play
  • Added RESET button to set level editor to empty


  • Removed demo/ full version split
  • Completing a level now returns to edit mode without deleting the level
  • "Play" button now reads "Play <> Edit" for clarification
  • Level now activates and deactivates elements on Play
    (Level no longer auto-saves on Play)
    (Level no longer re-loads on Un-Play)
    (Wiring System state updates are inactive in Edit Mode)


  • Fixed bug preventing wires from being placed between two objects even if they were compatible
  • Clicking on edit items (draw/erase/ choose block/ choose object) will no longer cause Ghosts to appear while playing a level
Developer (5 edits)


Known issues:

  • Levels can not be Played after Completing a level (Fixed in v0.0.0.3)
  • Returning to Main Menu while in Play mode results in odd behavior (Fixed in v0.0.0.3)


  • Fixed the way game version is saved/loaded so that it doesn't cause checksum failure. Levels can now be loaded again.
Developer (18 edits)


Known issues:

  • Gamepads don't work in WebGL version. Unsure if it's an issue with InControl or WebGL. Tested only on OSX Firefox with PS4 Dualshock. (Most browsers do not support gamepads. WILL NOT FIX)
  • Completing a level results in incorrect Item ghost size. Graphical issue only, does not affect placement. Persists until rotation or selection of new item.
  • Buttons may activate instantly on loading a level (Fixed in v0.0.0.4)
  • Slime can be re-sized even when core is outside of it (Feature removed for now)


  • WebGL, Mac and Linux versions added.
  • Zoom in with Mouse Scroll, I/K, or Gamepad right stick vertical (Works in both Play mode and edit mode)
  • Rotate Items with Q/E, or Gamepad right shoulder buttons.
  • Placing an Item/Logic Gate will now auto-erase any blocks beneath it, but NOT other Items or Logic Gates
  • RESET changed to RESET 64x64 (Default size on game start is 32x32 - This offers a clumsy way to make bigger levels until I refine it)


  • Completing a level from Quick-Play returns to Main Menu
  • Timer implementation for TMR logic gate and Buttons is now Single-threaded to support WebGL. Should have no negative effect.
  • Door now imparts velocity onto anything it pushes.
  • Sprite filtering switched from Point to Bilinear. (Should reduce tearing/ white gaps between sprites)


  • Fixed bug that would prevent Playing level after Completing a level. (Level Exit remained triggered and would end level immediately on Play)
  • Level Editor now resets when returning to Main Menu so that things don't get wonky


(too lazy to sort stuff, so here you go)

-Early Access Splash Screen

-Menus now work with gamepad (left sick + dpad) and keyboard (WASD + Arrows to move, Space or Enter to select), in addition to old mouse menu controls.

-Buttons no longer activate on level load. Buttons now run a physics check for a presser (Slime for Big buttons, Core for Small buttons)

-In-game level select on Play menu

-More sounds, and music

-User-Facing Warnings (unsaved level, unable to save without both spawn and exit, can't place two wires nect to door, failed to load level, etc, etc)

-In-Game controls menu

-Mouse-only gameplay

-AI core that allows you to call you slime body back to you

-Various tweaks and fixes that are too numerous to write down




  • Added Rebindable Keys for Keyboard, Gamepad, and Mouse-only.
  • Player's keybinds persist if game closed, and can be reset to default values
  • Player may choose to individually disable Keyboard/ Gamepad/ Mouse input
  • Butler Integration: New versions of Slime Research can now be patched with the app instead of needing a full re-download.


  • Controls split into Move (WASD), Jump, Mode, Zoom, and Attract. Players who wish to use less inputs can rebind keys
  • Minor UI tweaks


  • Fixed bug where core would not respond to mode change input. Core should now change mode on command every time.
Developer (2 edits)



  • Can now Hold jump to jump repeatedly
  • Backend support for custom menu colors implemented, but no user option to change them yet.
  • Users can now save, edit, and delete into a set of *in-game browsable* User Levels.
  • All levels can be played back-to-back without returning to Level Select


  • Scrolling in Level Select now works at all times. Level Buttons no longer block scrolling.
  • Clicking in the level editor no longer zooms in and out
Developer (1 edit)



  • Metaball shader improved to allow for Inner and Outer layers (more slimy)
  • Slime core changed to eye that looks in direction of input


  • User level duplication bug fixed
  • User levels, input enables, and keybinds moved to permanent storage. Should now survive game updates.
  • Fixed Level Editor previews that would show up on Main Menu if you returned there while placing an item
  • Camera zoom now properly resets per level
Developer (3 edits)


Known Issues

  • Xbox 360 X button works intermittently during gameplay (Windows 10 Demo) but fine in rebind menu?....
  • Sprite previews for level editor objects may not be correctly rotated
  • Level Editor does not warn on exit if you have unsaved changes (Fixed in upcoming version)
  • "Return to main menu" button goes to level editor
  • Actually it is annoying to click into unplayable levels huh....
  • Falling OOB does not respawn/ Restart level (Fixed in upcoming version)


  • Added Graphics/ Audio menu at some point
  • Bunch of boring code refactor (Implemented Assembly Definitions, Zenject Dependency Injection, and "Every Menu is a prefab")
    • (See below)
  • In-game feedback form


Up till now, each new major release of Slime Research meant that the last would stop being updated. IE, after releasing Itch Paid, the Itch Demo could no longer be updated, and after releasing the Steam version, Itch Paid could no longer be updated.

Now we can!

Thanks to the magic of programming, I can press a button, go to bed, and wake up to new versions for Demo, Paid, Itch, Steam, Windows, Mac, and Linux.


But, this refactor is only at the "demo" stage, ie only the demo has been updated.

So, Itch paid and Steam paid will have to wait. But worry not - This demo does not feature any of the newer game features (Clock/ Jump gates, Collectibles....)