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digital newtons cradle

A topic by Profwaldone created May 28, 2016 Views: 140
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hello everyone,

i am one of those people that wants something running in the background to look at when thinking or just plane bored. so i was looking for a game (or program) that doesn't require any interaction from you but lets you just stare at visuals for a while. sadly i was unable to find a good solution to this. the games that i did find that can sort of do this. are a couple of life/evolution simulators. and the power toy. the latter i usually set up a slow chemical reaction (or a steam vent) and watch the pretty colors.

now here is my question. does a game/program/de facto screensaver. already exist? if so, would you be so kind as to share it with me.

if it doesn't. than maybe you are interested in making such a thing?

this is a idea i have, and might be playing with in the future to create it.

when starting the program it will generate a random "map" with forest, rivers, desserts. that sort of stuff. on the four corners of this map kingdoms will spawn. these kingdoms will be trying to grow and sustain itself. by for example claiming land around a river and forest for food and water. as the kingdoms grow their need for more resources will increase forcing them outwards towards the other kingdoms. when 2 kingdoms interact fighting will break out and the winner can claim the resources. this lasts untill one kingdom owns the entire map.

that is my basic idea. tough i would like to expand it with roads, buildings, more land types, alliances between kingdoms, kingdoms splitting up into smaller ones, and natural events. i think this would be a very interesting to watch, as well as interesting to program if you are interested in programing for for example RTS games.

i would like to hear what you think.