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Pixel Park Demo

Build your dream theme park, pixel by pixel. · By Joe Allen

video gameplay

A topic by Coconut Mousse created Jul 06, 2018 Views: 212 Replies: 6
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for those who enjoy watching than playing :D

Thanks for sharing this! That's a very nice park you built. Remember to connect your ride exits to the path so that guests can leave the rides :)

This need more tutorial (just add some tutorial options that didnt force us to play it, some people prefer trying them self). Btw i couldnt  find the hedge

hey, i think you need community like discord

lot of people like tycoon game and you still updating this (thats the spirit)

Thanks for your interest Coconut Mousse! I am don't believe that there is enough interest regarding the game at the moment to warrant a discord, and I'm not currently interested in expanding the community hugely since the game is in such an unfinished state. This is definitely something I'll consider in the future though!

okay i appreciate that. yesterday im going to search for builder game and i remeber this game and you still update it (thats nice :D)

thats why i thought you need a community but it seems you have other concern (which is unfinished game). all i can say is goodluck and having fun with what you're doing :D

Thank you! I'll continue to update the game whenever I have time to do so :)