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Greenlight Promotion for my 3D Social Game - Project Lounge

A topic by Zukas created May 25, 2016 Views: 341
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About Game:

Project Lounge is a 3D social game that encourages to meet new people. Action takes place in enviroments called Properties which are managed by their owners. Owner of Property is able to spawn various objects that players can interact with: carry, throw and rotate them without any restrictions. Some objects will have special interactions, such as radio, jukebox or drawboard for drawing something they'd like.


Greenlight plans:

Game has all core functionality, however, art assets are still in production. Greenlight campaign will help me move towards the goal and at the same time advertise the game to speed up it's development, keep up the enthusiasm aswell as receive constructive criticism.



• Object Placement Freedom - No preset grids that restrict your creativity, you have an object and you place it in any angle and any position, however you want.

• Interactable Objects - Drawboards for drawing, radios for listening and more.

• Low-Poly Art

• Directional Voice Chat - In-game voice chat that is produced in 3D enviroment to make it more immerseful

• Steam API for Multiplayer (Tested with SpaceWar) - No need to enter IPs, just join or invite your friends.

Features planned after being Greenlit:

• Steam Inventory.

• Steam Achievments.

• Steam Workshop - Upload content in the same way as other famous games work with workshop: CS:GO, TF2


If you've got any questions, ideas or criticism, please let me know! :D