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GBA direction inputs repeat too fast

A topic by Alina Norakari created Nov 27, 2022 Views: 1,071 Replies: 7
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Hello, in the GBA version when pressing left or right the indicator whizzes across the screen and since it wraps around, it's not controllable at all, it's more like a random generator. Can you implement some rate limiting or only listening for a key down event and not polling and executing the key press each frame?


You're running it through an emulator or an actual device?

It happens on my Nintendo hardware (GBA SP, GB Micro, DS Lite) as well as FPGA based hardware emulation (Analogue Pocket)

While I'm at it, I also found it amusing that depending on the shield you get, the mouse cursor will become visible in the upper left (I think after a palette cycle?) and stay there for the remainder of the game

Oh I just saw that BadDiode did the port. I can get in contact with him directly via fedi, we follow each other. I'd be happy to help with testing on real hardware. Would you like me to do that?


Just fixed the sticky cursor issue that draws even if using the d-pad. I think the repeat should be handled at the emulator level, ideally it could not even repeat.

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> I think the repeat should be handled at the emulator level

but it did happen on real Nintendo hardware that's not using GBA emulation, I'm not sure if I understand right what you're saying


Oh right, sorry it's kind of confusing, but I mean uxn emulator, on the GBA. The gba rom is basically a uxnemu wrapping a uxn rom, I meant, that bd should handle the key repeat at the uxn emulation layer, not at the gba emulator layer ;)