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Is it possible to put the castle in the city instead of on the edge?

A topic by Madmaxneo created Jun 30, 2018 Views: 997 Replies: 6
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Is it possible to change the generator around a little so the castle or keep is generated in the center or off center of the city? 

I have a general idea for a city but it the castle is more centrally located within the city.

You can always add the castle in photoshop or something similar.

That just adds so much more work for a quick city. The city will be detailed at a later date but I need an easy base to work with before then.

I mean, I can do it in under 5 minutes. Would you rather have quick, or quality?

I'm apparently not that good with editing files like you are. I think it would take me a lot longer. As it is now I am vectoring a black and white image of a world map to do some island maps  and the detail sucks for as close in as I am.  I want to do a quick city that I can use as a basic map for the players to use while I vector and set up a better map using the a copy of the same original.


Bro, send me the SVG. i'll put a castle in the center of the city. I've got nothing better to do. Might even texture it.

I was going to do this and have completely forgotten about the city issue as I've been extremely busy lately. I now have less than two weeks to get this and a myriad of other things done before the game.......