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Will this be going to print via DriveThruRPG?

I was thinking more like in the maps there are some buildings that have space between them but the majority of them are connected. The way you mention might work better but I am not a coder so I would not even have a clue how it

I enjoy all your generators so far and this one is awesome! 

One question/feature request: Is there any way to add space between the buildings? It would basically reduce the number of buildings in a map but add space between them as one would expect in some smaller towns. 

Is there anywhere I can get a print copy of this game?

Interesting, now I want to see more of the places I visited in the game...

Oh, that must have been it then. Thanks for the info!

I thought I did buy the game here because I have an install file for Wildshape, if not here I have no idea where I got it. I do know the file was created (downloaded) on 5 November of 2020. Any clue as to where I might have picked this up if not here?

Is the Steam version the same as the version?

This is awesome! Is this a possible prelude to a more comprehensive city/town generator or is it something that will be merged with your 3d mansion generator?

It does for me

Right click then click save image....It saves it as a PNG image.

I don't see a social tab in your app but I did find a link for reddit. I posted a message in there for a link to the Discord channel. I will open a Discord page in my brower to see if I can find it that way also.

Awesome. I am willing to help in whatever way possible in developing your app to help others run games of HARP. I'd like to leave you a way to contact me when you are ready to do that, but I noticed these boards do not have a way to PM people. Any suggestions?

The system is HARP (High Adventure Role Playing) and it's not related to D&D in any way. So this might not be something so easily tackled. In fact it has different stats than D&D and is basically a skill based system, even the spells are considered skills. The system is also point based as each level every character gets 50 development points to spend for stat increases, skills, and special abilities. Each skill has a progression rate and there are two different rates; favored (cost 1 per rank) and un-favored (cost 2 per rank). The progression rate is not as direct either. For the first 10 ranks in a skill the bonus is +5, then it's +2 per rank up to 20, then it's +1 per rank thereafter. I am working on a house rule that might change that though. Then each skill has two stats it gets the bonus from.... etc

The system is percentile based and the dice generally explode on a roll of 96 or higher. 

So you can see this would not be an easy thing for you to do. If you wanted I could work on the stuff while you help me out here and 

That would be awesome! I may be able to help some if you need it but let me know what you need from me.

This looks awesome! I'd love to be able to use this with a very different system.  Would it be allowed for someone to take a version of the program and alter it for another rpg system? 

I'd be the one to do this and the only coding I've done was with maptools and Javascript for pdfs. Is it is allowed in not sure how far my limited experience would get me. 

I was going to do this and have completely forgotten about the city issue as I've been extremely busy lately. I now have less than two weeks to get this and a myriad of other things done before the game.......

I'm apparently not that good with editing files like you are. I think it would take me a lot longer. As it is now I am vectoring a black and white image of a world map to do some island maps  and the detail sucks for as close in as I am.  I want to do a quick city that I can use as a basic map for the players to use while I vector and set up a better map using the a copy of the same original.

That just adds so much more work for a quick city. The city will be detailed at a later date but I need an easy base to work with before then.

Is it possible to change the generator around a little so the castle or keep is generated in the center or off center of the city? 

I have a general idea for a city but it the castle is more centrally located within the city.