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A topic by CoalFire created Jun 29, 2018 Views: 256 Replies: 2
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From what I can tell so far, the mechanics are really solid. The flight takes a second to get used to, but it feels natural pretty quickly. It was a little strange that the gun tutorial was after the first combat though. I also seem to have broken some stuff in the gun tutorial. Wasn't sure how to progress after that (or if there is progression after that. But if there is, let me know and I'll get back in there! Great work!

Developer (1 edit)

Hey there CoalFire, quite (happily) surprised at the fact that you made a video on our project. Since it was a student project I personally wasn't expecting much to happen with it. It was pretty fun (and painful, oh... the bugs) to watch your video.

You've currently seen  almost all there is to the game. It's unlikely that there will be much (if any) content added to the game, though there is a sentiment in the team to at the very least fix some issues with the project, like the ones that popped up in your video, before we call it quits.

Some clarification:

- You hold the thumb-sticks to open up the weapon wheel (though that might still be bugged)

- It is the intention that you throw away your weapons after their ammo is spent

- The rocket launcher has a lock-on mechanic

- What you might not have seen: the drones can be critically hit in the eye and the thruster, showcasing different responses on both.

- There is another weapon; The Shotgun Fists, while not holding a gun or grenade, you hold the trigger and grip button and you punch (watch out you don't hit any walls).

- The drone seems to be bugged, so you were indeed going around the level in the wrong order because the drone misdirected you.

- The controls are all detailed in the readme.txt that should be in the same folder as the .exe file

Though we've been getting a LOT of feedback from fellow students play-testing our game, it's really cool to get feedback from an end user, to actually see what its' like for people who had nothing to do with its development. Thank you for your review/lets' play!

W.V. of Team Bioside

Despite all the little issues, I still had a damn good time with it! Personally the two biggest issues were the incorrect tutorial order and the weapon wheel. I only noticed in editing that there were icons for the guns but the wheel itself never stayed vidible long enough for accurate selection. It did feel like I was fighting that system the whole time.

And these are exactly the kind of games I make videos for! I love seeing both indie and student projects at a lot of different stages of development. Theses so much more interesting stuff happening here than in big budget games.