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A topic by Thunderstruck created May 24, 2016 Views: 1,120 Replies: 12
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Spektor, you should try to get this game on steam greenlight, but make sure to contact ftl first so that you don't get sued.


I'm working in this direction :)

any progress?


Well I need to finish the scenario, and then record a trailer playing it.

And I think that should be enough for Green light.

This is the first time I'm going to release a game, so I don't really have any experience in this yet.

Please do notify me when it happens!


I'll notify everyone I can at that point :D

make sure to notify ftl before you publish it



you know... Incase of lawsuit, just to be safe


I've removed all the original FTL content from the game files in version b0.1.

So it should be OK now.

But I will notify the FTL devs also, if I can. (Maybe they'll vote for Tachyon on Greenlight :P)

How's it going?


Slow but steady.

My first attempt to go to steam was cut short.

So I'm redesigning the game right now.

You can find all the related info in other threads.

btw,i just started developing my own game and i would love it if you were to follow it!