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I wanna buy this wonderful application :D

A topic by Migh3y created Jun 29, 2018 Views: 163 Replies: 3
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Hello lovely Developer I'm working on my new game projects and I'm very interesting buying your application for build my games 

The question I have is after I buy It how the system would remember me ? because I don't see any account access or log in pop up 

So I'm just wondering , Do I have to keep my Installer after I buy it ? 

please answer Thank you :c

Your software saved my life hopefully you will be success and for suggestion 

I highly suggest you to put it on steam after it's ready 


and please give some gift to someone who brought it in early access >W< We will love you forever 

ahh I found it I'm so clumsy  anyway thanks for wonderful application :D 

I will support you 

When you buy (or donate to) something on you don’t need an account. When purchasing without an account your purchase is tied to your email address. If you used PayPal, it’s your PayPal email address. If you used credit card, it’s the email address you provided when you made the purchase.

After every purchase two things happen:

  • You're immediately sent an email from confirming your transaction. This email contains a link to your purchase page.
  • Your browser will redirect to your purchase page, which includes all downloads.

If you can’t find your purchase, first check your inbox. Verify that your spam detector didn’t hide it or you didn’t archive it by accident.

If you're unable to find it then you can request your download to be mailed to you again by entering your email address:


Oh wait, so this is what you mean. My assumptions is wrong then (lol), sorry about that. Anyway, glad you found it, and thanks again for your interest and support!


I'm guessing that what you mean by account access/pop-up is when you're running the app itself? If so, it's because the app itself doesn't have any kind of DRM. It doesn't need your account information to work.

Your account is used for the auto-update (which comes as standard if you installed it via the app). If you're not using the Itch app, then the only way to update is to re-download the app again.

We do want to publish on Steam when the app is ready, and we'll of course give every previous customer on Itch a key, but that's still quite a long time for now (likely several months) so until we have something concrete, we won't talk about it too much. By now you might've heard that recently Steam purged quite a big amount of anime/manga-styled games from its library, so there's a chance our submission might not be accepted.

Fingers crossed. Anyway, thank you very much for your interest and support!