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Steam version

A topic by sletsappi69 created Jun 29, 2018 Views: 1,079 Replies: 3
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HI Guys 

love the game 

i wanted to know how would i be able to move my purchased version i bought here to steam ?

Kind Regards 


“Will players who have played or donated on receive a free copy of Raft on Steam?”

We very much appreciate all the support and feedback we have gotten from our community, however, playing or donating to the itch prototype will not grant access to the Steam version of Raft.


At least J. Kyle Pittman, the guy behind Gunmetal Arcadia and Super Win the Game, had the courtesy of giving  Steam keys to buyers on itch.  Way to build trust and earn a fanbase. Why the Raft teams spits in the face of its first time customers is beyond me.