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Murder at Chateau de Rouge

A dark night. A storm. A body. Everyone is a suspect. · By Whose Clues

mystery game bundle interest

A topic by HitherYon Games created Nov 17, 2022 Views: 77 Replies: 6
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I played your game last year, and also developed my own mystery game. Would you be interested in teaming up to participate in a mystery / whodunit game bundle in the future? 


Hey! Thank you so much for playing! I’d love to check out yours too! Yeah, a game bundle sounds great, actually! Thanks!

Do you have an email address for discussing this? If you're truly interested in my game, it's called Murder Is Game Over (just click on my profile.)


Played your game! Amazing storytelling, visuals, and dialogue!

5 out of 5 stars, this deserves to be put on Steam!


If you like mysteries, check out mine (on here or Steam.)

I actually bought "Murder Is Game Over: Streaming Death" on Steam.

But I actually haven't gotten to playing it, due to my habit of procrastination.

I am mostly into video-games that have references to Clue/Cluedo, such as "Murder at Chateau de Rouge".

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Got it. If you get to play it then let me know what you think! :D