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Post-battle skip?

A topic by Dreigonix created 78 days ago Views: 38 Replies: 4
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Is there a way, with this plugin, to have it so the intro of a song plays when you enter an area, but after leaving a battle, it starts at a different place in the song? So we don't have to only listen to the first part of the song over and over again?


Isn't that normal behavior in RPG Maker?

Nope. It always starts at the beginning of the song after a battle.

Developer (4 edits)

Not in my experience.

Well, there may be one way that I haven't tested. The engine gets weird about music start points if you don't play at 100 pitch; I have warnings about that in the description about this very plugin. (And I don't know how to fix that; it's a problem with the engine, not my plugin.) Are you playing the overworld music at a pitch value other than 100?

EDIT: The music still picked up where it left off for me even when I set the pitch to 120. Sorry, what you describe doesn't happen for me at all.

Oh, never mind! It works now. I must not have had the plugin set up right. Thanks anyway! XD