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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki


A topic by HUNTERROTHMAN2 created Jun 21, 2018 Views: 728 Replies: 13
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Is...Autonauts gonna cost money?

This is.... if it's true... i'm surprised.


and £20?! I paid for it once, and now I have to pay again because I didn't pay enough the first time? Bleh, another good game on itch that decided to treat it's player base like shit.

YOU don't have a updater itch io so GET A ITCH IO UPDATER!

They've spent a lot of hard work and money making it, they are completely within their right to charge money for it. The version that is on is an early prototype to test player reactions to the game. You did not 'pay' for it. You voluntarily donated money to the creators. £20 is not an insane amount of money. Just because they're not handing you something (that cost money for them to make) for free does not mean they are treating you 'like shit'. 

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i hope they do know there game will soon be on

they know that....right?

no matter how many times they try to stop them.... someone keeps doing it, i tell you -_-


I swear... I'd work for free. -_-.

Still can't make a living off of game making...

And if you make a good game someone is going to donate... Trust me...

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And you,

 Aaron is busy so it is free!



does it look like i said "Everyone is tired of waiting?"

I did not say that... i don't care how long i wait, i will wait.

and you say "And for you" That's stupid.

I'm just saying what i think.

Can't anyone say that these days ._. ?

Yeah i am tired, but i am playing different games like BTD 5 or 6

well my friend, if that is how is how you wait.

Then wait that way, Friend.


Well i wouldn't be mad to pay 24 dollars(since i live in the US) it is a good game and i would like to continue playing it


i do to.

But i hope they know someone is gona put there game that cost monney on igg-games.

I swear.

so i'm a bit worried for them.

Yes me too won't mind paying them some dollars and playing it.As i really liked this game mybkexperience