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Writer's Block Demo

A short 2D horror narrative prototype inspired by Silent Hill 2 and Gustavo Viselner's pixel art · By nguyenlong180

Let's Play + Written Review

A topic by Famed Killjoy created Jun 20, 2018 Views: 110
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Hi there, I recently played through the demo of your game, and I quite enjoyed it. I do understand that this is just a small taster of what's to come, so my review here will be taking that into account. 

I love games that make use of the pixel art style and Writer's Block does it very well, the environments are highly detailed and almost every object can be explored in some way. The atmosphere and tone of the game are on point as well, just a shift in lighting or a small change in detail can make a world of difference in a horror game, and I think Writer's Block handles this well.

While the story of the game hasn't been completely fleshed out, I believe that enough has been presented in the demo to capture the player's attention. I enjoyed the premise of the story, where we delve into the inner nightmares of the protagonist to help them face their demons and hopefully overcome their negative thoughts and feelings. The pacing of the game is good as well, the player is never really rushed to complete anything, and the story and game mechanics are introduced over time, giving the player enough time to learn and digest things.

Throughout my play-through I never once encountered a single bug, and I found no particular issues with the game, though I believe I encountered one or two spelling errors, but nothing major. 

The small bonus teaser at the end of the game was a really nice touch as well.

All in all, I think this is a solid demo. It shows off some good story telling abilities, some fantastic art design and best of all some decent scares! I think you really have something here, and I hope to one day get the chance to play the full game!

I hope you don't mind but I made a let's play of your game for my channel. 

Cheers and best wishes!