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Design a creature and eat your way to the top of the food chain. · By Sipho, Dominas, DanTM

Screw the third boss

A topic by Bleat created Jun 19, 2018 Views: 299 Replies: 3
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Wow, that third boss (after c'thal) is evil. Having it spawn minions is bad enough, but the fact it cages you in and has weapons on all of the sides is just... w h y? If the minions push you into the wall, you are screwed. And they can quite easily do that.

That better be the final boss (for now, at least). It deserves it.

Good game, by the way. Awakens the inner macochist inside me.


Hey, thanks for playing!

Yeah, that boss is pretty nasty. We wanted to test a possibility of boss spawning smaller minions and itself being "stuck" in the level as if it had some symbiosis with the environment. We will be refining the boss for final version, it gives too little chance for the player to fight it off. With that said, we hope that future bosses will be as much masochism-inducing as this one and completing full game will bring true sense of pride and achievement.

We're glad you like our game, stay tuned for updates!

if i may make a suggestion, maybe make the central connectors (the ones in front of the head) slightly weaker in front, and stagger the minion spawning a bit, in order to give the player enough time to chew through the first line of defence before the minions spawn. then the boss has a chance to re-spawn some of the connecter armor while the players have to deal with the minions. also, maybe use the connectors from a different species in front of the head? like buginis? while i can understand the desire to make this dark souls level tough, after the 16th. time getting torn apart by minions while the boss watches on is incredibly frustrating. I assume the nerve bundle regen factor stacks, and that boss has allot of those, making any progress negligible. at least with a frailer armor on the core you have more of a chance to break through, but it just feels like it's a crap shoot, more than skill, to beat that boss. unless of course there's a particular strategy i just haven't thought of to kill it.

in my play-throughs i've focused on playing as buginis to avoid getting in close and using the flak thrower with overlapping arcs to shred the first two bosses, and i got agonizingly close to beating this boss with that strategy before the minions dragged me back kicking and screaming. next go-round i'm planning on putting flack throwers radiating outward to damage minion assailants.

Lately I find that for myself that Cage Boss is not only my favorite but also most profitable. Once you get good at the game and pick a nice build, dealing with minions becomes no problem and yields you nutrients for each minion, making it worthwhile to farm minions and grow at the cost of cage boss. Also it seems our kind developers nerfed cage boss minions to make it easier.