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Mizari Loves Company

Set in a fantasy world with its own lore, this otome game will enchant you. · By Reine Works


A topic by Sandpixie created Jun 19, 2018 Views: 995 Replies: 6
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hi is the game complete or still just demo?


Still a demo, but I hope it will come out soon ^^


hi, have there been any updates?

Their kickstarter has the most updates:
To quote their Aug/Sept update on development:
"General Development

Ren is now finishing up Anja's endings! All of Anja's chapters have been completed, but we expect his endings to more or less total the same length as an entire chapter. We can also confirm Anja's route is already around 25% larger than the common route.

Art Department
We've received the final background from Rudy, but again, we may commission another 2-3 depending on whether or not the story requires them.

Curry has begun working on the King's CGs!"


how has progress been coming along? Are we any closer to a release I wanna play so bad

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You could just check out their kickstarter  or tumblr every now and then. They try to update when they can. Don't expect it to be out this year though , from what I know it was planned for release during the summer of next year. They have only finished one route so far. So this will be a long game, patience is key.

Quoting their recent update:

"General Development
Ren has completely finished Anja's route, with his three endings adding up to around 19,000 words altogether, which is basically the size of two full chapters. Needless to say, it's a pretty long route and has exceeded our word count estimate. With that done, Ren has already started on Mimi's route and expects the first scene to be finished before the end of the month.

Art Department
Curry is currently taking a short break from his illustration work due to personal reasons but will be back on it soon.

We're presently looking into ways to re-integrate the NPC sprites. Although we had some originally, they didn't mesh quite as well with the other sprites as we'd hoped. The new plan is to have them remade as busts and only show them on the textbox, similar to how Mizari's sprite will display when there are 3 or more sprites on-screen. In the next update, we'll try to get some mock-ups ready and then ask for everyone's thoughts."

did not know it was meant to come out next year.