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Demon Girl Game

demon girl working hard to pay the rent, or not · By chainedTan, Nes, J' Camilo

Adding your own events to the game~ <no longer valid> Sticky

A topic by chainedTan created Jun 16, 2018 Views: 281 Replies: 3
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Developer (1 edit)

hello there, gonna put this section of the game here to talk about how you could add your own events and kinda lore /references /Easter eggs/maybe even mechanics  to the game~(and earn a nice credit on the game too~)

currently there are 52 events in total on the 0.76 build of the game,most of them made by really nice artist who graced me with their beautiful draws and lore to add more substance to this geimu, the reason I'm doing it this way is because it seems more fun to do so, and i want to think that if you want to add some of your stuff , It should be possible, kinda like an open source game but not really~

so, lets say you actually wanna do it, thats really nice, but maybe you dont know how to, well, here are some nice guidelines for you to consider when adding a new event on the game:

you should consider what kind of event you'd like to add , currently there are tree main event types that can happen on the game

sleeping events:

these generally are good for the girl's mental health and usually make you spend a full day

lore tips :

  • these improve the player's luck
  • you could even drop small amounts of meat, or money on these
  • wierd stuff can happen here~

working events:

when the main character of the game needs money, she usually works at this restaurant with bunny outfit thingie where they sell those monsters as food for the clients~

lore tips:

  • a work season generally takes 8 hours
  • usually a decent way to earn money
  • the amount of money earned should usually be similar to the amount of meat spent when working

hunting events:

the resource you need to go to work and earn money is meat, that meat you earn by going out and hunting monsters~

lore tips:

  • when hunting almost all bets are off, all sorts of wierd stuff can happen.
  • the main goal of the girl when hunting is getting meat so she can sell it at work
  • she uses a katana like weapon to cut these thingies into smaller pieces and bring them home
  • aparently she too can eat them.

art rules:

there are some things you must consider when drawing the art for your event so they look in sync with the rest of the game's art and colors~

  • the picture must be 450 x 450 pixels
  • its gotta be png formated
  • it must be drawn with a binary pincel in a 1-bit kinda style
  • only white and that brown color as seen here:

  • please don't draw anything lewd (nsfw/+18 or anything illegal and stuff) my heart is not ready for that~~~ ♥
  •  if you want to draw new characters and stuff, that's fine by me~
  • if you want to add your Oc as a cameo, thats cool by me too~
  • you can add references to things if you want, but don't make it too obvious so they don't sue us!
  • and I guess ecchi stuff is okay, but don't cross the line.
  • try to be consistent with the girl's design, you can use your own style to do things ,but dont make her look completely diferent though~
  • you can add / change the monsters though.

other tips and or advice /rules to consider about these events:

  • the event must change something on the game, it cant not be just to show your awesomo art, for example an event about sleeping should pass the day , and maybe remove some of the bad luck from the character, and also show your cool art~
  • events can last several events actually, its some kind of mechanic, just consider that these might be pretty rare events, the way they basically block the buttons you need to block during these long events, and they must never last more than 7 days.
  • events may and can be affected by other factors, such as luck , money, the amount of meat in the inventory, or just random chance, for example: an event could have a 3% chance of happening every time you go out on a hunting session ,but if you have too much bad luck acumulated, the chance might go up to 15% and so on.
  • you could make a reference to an already existing event, adding more lore to that one , kinda
  • events can add or remove things from the character's house, or they could add alternate states that can provoke different events to happen~
  • based upon how convenient/inconvenient the event is, it might be re-balanced to make the game more playable.
  • please no Op events~
  • try to add to the lore with ur cool ideas~
  • you earn a nice spot in the game's credits,I can't really offer anything else, sowy~

welp, thats about it for now , have a good one~

you can comment about your events here, or you can contact me some other way to talk about it~

idea: if you don't sleep enough maybe you'll fall asleep on the job

this way it's really clear to the player that there's consequences for not sleeping


oh my~ thats such a nice idea!

i wanna add it to the game if you are cool with that, we could talk a bit more about the details of the event~

sure you can put it in, that's why i made it; the image is already formatted how you asked in your post

you can make up whatever you want for the details of the event; it's your game, i just wanted to contribute what i felt was missing