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RPG Farming Kit

Project template to make farming RPG games. · By Lowscope


A topic by Lowscope created Jun 14, 2018 Views: 433 Replies: 13
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Place a post here. In case something is missing, or really is needed.

Hi Alex,

When do you think you will update the documentation a little more? The kit is pretty big and I'm a little confused with how all the systems work.



Hello Carlos

Docsify page should be up and running tomorrow. I will make sure to post a new devlog here on itch when it is done.

Are there specific topics on the framework that are harder especially? I'm considering on doing some youtube tutorials on the framework as well.
Let me know what you think.

Kind Regards,

Alex Meesters


This has been delayed to Thursday. My apologies for the wait.
I need to ensure the documentation covers all crucial information, this is taking more time then expected.

Hi! Are there any links for the docsify document?


Hi Carlos, this was postponed again... Mainly due to the extreme weather last week here in The Netherlands. (38 degrees Celsius )
Just doing the finishing touches at this moment, so it won't be long.

Oh wow! It's not a problem. And I though at 36C it was too hot in Germany. Drink a lot of water!


Hi Carlos, docs are up:

Ill be doing a devlog post later on as well when the new update is up.
Yeah, it's way too hot. No need to search for the sun anymore for us with this climate.

I think the idea of youtube tutorials would be great! 


I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned before, but Animals you can rear, and specific locations to store them (e.g coop for birds, barn for cows) and condiotions to give produce (birds lay eggs every day, cows require milking etc.)

For adding a new WarpLocation, is this how we are supposed to do it?
1 Create the file
2 Swap inspector to debug mode
3 manually type in text like location for setter name/etc?

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Hi Raseru, you are only required to create a new .asset file.
Go to Assets/ScriptableObjects/Locations and right click, Create/Warp Location.

Now all you have to do is create an empty game object, and add a Scene Warper component.
Once you have filled in the Location reference within the Scene Warper component, 
it will automatically update the asset with the location of the scene warper component.

Also don't forget to set the rigidbody to static. And the Box Collider to trigger.
I will ensure this is automated in the next update.

You can test if it works correctly by making another scene warper that has it set as a target and press "Go to target location" on the component. Ensure you have set the spawn location child object correctly, as that is where the player will warp towards.

Hope this helps!

Working great, thanks!

I will learn my way around the software by making mini games like you suggested, and also follow some tutorials. When I feel more comfortable with the software, and can work my way around coding, I'll make an attempt at my Japanese farming game idea clean master