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Move items from one collection to another

A topic by Ultra Runaway Games created May 15, 2016 Views: 569
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Trying out the itch app this week. Pretty much the best way to try out a handful of cool free games in an afternoon.

There doesn't seem to be a way to remove items from a collection, or to move them from one to another. I've got an Interested/try later collection, would like to move items to a "Games I've Tried" collection and add notes when I do. Kinda cumbersome to do in the app, as I can add each to the Tried list, but then go to the website to remove each item individually. Would like to have either a remove selection option or a move option, with the option to add notes when I do.

I tend to add to my Interested collection in batches to try later, so it'd be useful if I could mark that as the default collection. It's my oldest collection, so I always have to click the dropdown menu every time I want to add anything to it.