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An AI seedship must find a home for the last survivors of the human race · By John Ayliff

Native Relations...

A topic by Jellyfish created Oct 09, 2022 Views: 341 Replies: 1
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This is the score I got on my latest run for Native relations:

Native relations (Immigrants, Earth remembered): 0

This **seems** to take no account of the fact my seedship was in contact with the natives from centuries out and helped the natives with their planetwide chaotic situation decades before arrival and then that the natives welcomed and set aside space on their world for my humans despite them already being a planetwide (information age - by the time that I arrived) ) civilisation... it left me wondering how good things have to go to get a positive score for "Native relations"!!!

P.S. This is not to say that this isn't the most additive, amazing game that I've played in a long time!


My very next run I got:

Native relations (Immigrants, rich hybrid culture): 1000

This despite the fact that I just found the natives running a brutal medieval theocracy, landed with no invite and despite them being fearful of me, proceeded to cause a massive upheaval of their civilisation pulling them into a corporate run information age and upstaged them by building rockets to mine their metal-rich moon for the resources their planet (poor) barely had. I feel like native relations would, in this world, be rather worse both due to history and due to humans place in the power structure of the resulting civilisation here... but maybe I'm drawing too much from human culture... :P

I should note that my score was better by just under four hundred points despite finding a worse planet (worse planet score) and damaged construction gear - both cases my science and culture databases were 100% - and ended with "Information Age Corporate Rule" rather than "Engaged Information Age Democracy"... I feel like I might be better paying more attention to the stories than the score... also might I ask if a more complete story of what happened can be recorded? The story saved with the scores only reflects the final result rather than the (in the case of the first post here) many paragraphs of story that came with my landing...