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A topic by MarsGames created May 13, 2016 Views: 214
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The game Cave Fights is made by Nathan Martin and his team. A game in which a person runs around a cave but when he enters it seems safe but soon he learns it is haunted by some sort of magic. CaveFights' goal is to avoid monsters and kill the boss but, upon death, the game restarts. Cave Fights was originally a school project for a Gateway Into Tech class. With some tinkering and hard work a new game was born, a game inspired by some older rogue-like games. CaveFights can also be played by all, as its graphics are not GPU intensive and has code that uses only a little bit of CPU to process the game, the game can also be played by people of all ages with the simplistic controls. There are now 2 different modes, Arena and Classic mode.

Please check out the offical CaveFights and MarsGames website at: The Home of CaveFights. There will be many updates to cavefights as it is in early alpha and still has much work to be done to it. Us at MarsGames are open to ideas from the public. Even just looking at the site or game would help us a lot. Thank you.

The Home of CaveFights