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Take on the role of a queen honey bee, build a colony, and dominate the field. · By Corey Van Hoosen

Bug Reports

A topic by Corey Van Hoosen created Jun 10, 2018 Views: 401 Replies: 8
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Have you run into an issue with the game? Did it freeze up on you? Is something maybe not working as intended? I would be very interested to know about it so it can get fixed. Please let me know what the issue you ran into was, when it happened, and what device you were using, and I will look into it.



Is it a bug when someone dies, the shadow is left behind? Also, if I've selected a worker and they die, it stays selected on them until i select another worker. Also, is there anyway to deselect a worker?


The shadows left behind was intentional. I liked having a part of anything that died while you were playing left visible so you could see where conflicts had occurred.

There is currently no way to deselect a worker apart from selecting another worker. I'll fix this though—and make it so you could click a selected worker to deselect it.

cool, thanks!


Also noticed when I set off the alarm pheromone some of my workers tend to die. And once a worker is hatched from a cell, you are unable to lay there again, which I don't know if you intended that or not. It would be nice to have a visual indicator if so then so you know what cells you have already used


I can't figure out how to kill wasps- I turn on swarm, and attack, but nothing happens. I also keep getting sent back to the menu screen, usually while attacking aforementioned wasps.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I've just noticed an issue where the bees will attack the first wasp properly when their attack is activated, but subsequent wasps are left alone. I'll fix that. 

Sounds like your queen might be getting eaten by the wasp when you're getting kicked back to the menu screen? The healthbar seems to have a bit of a delay on it sometimes which I'll look into too.

Edit: Ah, yep, game over is getting called before it should for some reason. Will be fixed. Appreciate the feedback.


So I noticed a few things. For one, after the first wasp, when the pheromones are used the bees attack each other or me. The health bar doesn't change either. Also no matter what a bee's job is they tend to clump up at the hive. Also you can't lay eggs in every cell, not sure if that is intentional or not. Despite that, I look forward to this game when all these bugs (punny) get fixed. 

I've had these same issues.