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Sex on the Beach community · Created a new topic a bug

when you spoon and then try to do anal, and then click the middle option, there is no choice to advance the text.

i know ive gotten this bug before but i guess i didn't make a topic?

please replace the placeholders!~

you know being top just means the position they're in- you can be a lady and a top. it's called cowgirl.

augh man, you said you wanted to make me hungry and you accomplished that damn well. this was great. the virtual window was a pretty interesting idea: i've never heard of such a thing before. 

...god i want mashed potatoes.

Are you going to put the male version on or keep it mobile only?

'When he touches guitar, he becomes nakedness.' ahahah

can i rant about SU? yes? no? yes? ok.

i agree with all of these except for rose n pearl, because rose never seems to truly love pearl back? its more like an unrequited love on pearl's side. pearl's deffo gay, though.

I wish there was an option for infinite mode! I always feel disappointed when my game ends. got a weird error while spamming probes.

I can't figure out how to kill wasps- I turn on swarm, and attack, but nothing happens. I also keep getting sent back to the menu screen, usually while attacking aforementioned wasps.

the fact that this is tagged 'erotic' amuses me greatly

im so confused

this is so cool but i have absolutely no idea what is going on

...What? Did you mute it or something? Sound works for me.


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So I really love this game: it gives me a chance to flaunt my vocabulary, and the ambiance: just the sounds of the typewriter, everything in black and white, oh. I love. My only gripe is that sometimes I write words that I know are words, but aren't accepted. Franchising, most words ending in -ed, a few in -y...  Anyway. My highest was around 1700 something. 

'intimidating girlfriend who praises a big fucking pot of pasta'

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??? Did you not read the description at all? Or are you being sarcastic? I sincerely hope it's one of those two, because the only other option is that you're incredibly stupid.

Oh gOd now that song is stuck in my head, what have you done to me, oh no

Is there any way to get the song for this? I played it a while ago and I can't get the song out of my head!

It was easy until I got a double... And then I died immediately.

does not load on internet explorer, so you just have to copy paste the web address into chrome or firefox.

unless you figured out how to make either of those the default, in which case, tell me how because i don't know how to do that ouo

Aaaaaa, I just found this the other day while looking for good romance things and this is SO GOOD. I already love the characters, and the art style is really pleasant to look at- not super realistic, but not so cartoony that I don't take it seriously. The main character is also really, uncannily similar to a character I made myself in 2010... Same first name (different last name though... that would just be scary), visually similar (hair and facial features), similar personality... it's really neat and kinda weird? But it makes me like the main character more, I think. Similarly, Cindy is Eddie's best(?) friend, and Cindel is the best friend of my Eddie, but that's more a name similarity than anything else.

I played through every dialogue option, including the werewolf stuff, and I can't decide whether I like Louis or Cornelius more... Really I like all of them except for Bomb. Poor Bomb. I also really don't like Jolene, but I think that one was more intentional? If she's there a lot I might actually not go with Louis hhh

Anyway, I really love this and can't wait for the next update!~ I don't know if you have a set date or anything, but I really hope it's soon :3

Oh man, well, whenever you get time I'll be happy to see more of it! Even if it isn't Sun-related, I was reading your other stuff too and I really like your writing!


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This is so good! I do wish the date options actually had you two going through the date together, though I figure that will come later, when you've finished more of the game.