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Artists! Our first game, inspired by Overcooked but with a new twist

A topic by TRBL.IO created Sep 23, 2022 Views: 102
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Artist! is a cooperative local-multiplayer game for 2 players! (You can also play alone, but it's more difficult...)

You play Frida and Vince, two aspiring young artists. When their seclusive mentor mysteriously disappears, Frida and Vince have to figure out how to perfect their skills on their own.

Frida and Vince decide to start their journey in the world-renowned museum, where they take one last look at their mentor's works. From there, loaded with inspiration, they travel to the places where the original masterpieces were once created.

Their journey takes them across Germany, to the famous Bastei rock formation and the Berlin Cathedral. Whether Frida and Vince are surrounded by nature or urban chaos, they focus on tracing their mentor's work step by step...

Throughout the game, you will find various items, such as exhibits in the museum, buckets of paint, paint rollers, the canvas, and more. Both players can simultaneously walk around and interact with these items. Just move the character close to an item and press the interaction key, and the respective action will happen.

Your goal is to use this equipment to mix the correct colors and to create a great painting!