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Dual Pong Is Now Available On Itch

A topic by randomess_dj_p created May 11, 2016 Views: 282 Replies: 4
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Hey guys. I just recently released the full version of Dual Pong on Itch.

Dual Pong is a 2D pong game that stays true to what made the original Pong game a success, while also bringing some new ideas to the table. It has 5 game modes; which includes Singles Mode, Team Mode, Battle Mode, Classic Pong Mode, and a Story Mode with 16 possible endings! It also has a dynamic ball collision system, an AI that can adapt to your skill level, versatile and responsive controls, multiplayer that can go up to 4 players, and more! You in?

Note: This game can be played with a keyboard or Xbox 360 controller.

Here's the game trailer for my game.

Here's a link to my Dual Pong game if you want to play it. I hope you enjoy it.

Dual Pong is now on sale for 80% off!

From now until the end of July 4th, you can download and play the full version of Dual Pong on Itch for free! Let me know what you think if you do. I appreciate any helpful feedback that I can get.

In support of Extra Life Game Day 2016, 100% of the money that I receive for Dual Pong on Nov. 5th - 6th will be donated to charity.

Dual Pong has been Greenlit! Thanks to everyone who made this possible. I really appreciate it.