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A simple tool for creating and puppeteering pngtubers. · By transmutrix

[Tutorial] Controls Sticky Locked

A topic by transmutrix created Sep 18, 2022 Views: 342
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  • Press [Escape] to hide or show the UI.
  • Press [<,] and [>.] to cycle to the next or previous state in the list.
  • Press [1] through [9] to switch to one of the first 9 states, and press [0] to jump to the tenth state.
    • I recommend writing a list and keeping it somewhere on your desk, like this:
      1. Normal
      2. Scared
      3. Blushing


  1. Open an avatar file.
  2. Reload the loaded avatar file and all its images.
  3. Set the window size to a preset, like 720p.
  4. Set the background color.
  5. Set the microphone sensitivity.
  6. Set the “speaking” audio threshold.
  7. Mute or unmute the microphone.
  8. Select which microphone to listen to.