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Design a creature and eat your way to the top of the food chain. · By Sipho, NinjaKyat, Dominas, DanTM

Get rid of forced whirlpools

A topic by Baysha created Jun 01, 2018 Views: 231 Replies: 1
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They seriously lower my enjoyment of the game. You should replace them with just a suggestion to go deeper. not being forced to.


Hi, thanks for playing!

The purpose of forced whirlpools is to not let the player roam in the level as then the player would grow beyond its power curve and the game would get too easy. At the beginning we would let player roam the levels, but then there was no incentive to go further.  We then started despawning enemies at level end, but then player would keep looking for enemies and levels would seem empty.

Polish for these whirlpools is on the way and we hope to make them look cool while destroying the world and not to punish player by pulling it in together with angry enemy or an environment spike. As for playing around with your creature, we are looking into ways of promoting that without breaking the game loop by overpowering the player.

Thank you for the feedback, it lets us know what's  important  and where should we focus.