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Beast Beat[R18 Furry Rhythm Game馃惥]

Follow the rhythm beat the notes, get enthusiastic to lit next sex stage! 路 By C-BoneGame

Scrolling Speed

A topic by ConstructiveCrit created 77 days ago Views: 354 Replies: 2
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The note scrolling speed is so fast that it makes the game annoyingly difficult and rather unenjoyable for me. In the earlier versions of the game, I do not remember it being so fast, as it seems no matter what song I choose, the notes are flying by. Perhaps a new setting that can adjust scrolling speed would be helpful?


In the interface of song selection, there is a number that can be added or subtracted, which is the flow rate adjustment


Oh that's what that number is. I didn't even realize I can click it until I saw this thread. Was wondering why the notes move so impossibly fast.