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Our programmer might have forgot to update the file with MacOS version. We will inform you once again if we have updated it with MacOS version!

As the charter of Easy and Normal difficulty, most of the charts are playable with 2 fingers only! If you are having trouble reading the charts, try to disable flashing and pulsing background. Changing the speed to 3-5 would also help!

I will also try to make sure the difficulty is more beginner-friendly next time. Thank you for your feedback!

- Ardolf

Usually it would help sight reading by making the speed goes faster instead of slower. If you are having trouble of passing Hell difficulty, consider changing your speed to 3-5!

- Ardolf

Have you tried downloading through the website instead of the desktop application version of content and Patreon subscription content are different. Patreon subscribers may get updates one month ahead of, so please be rest assured that you will receive the game with the same version in the future.

Meanwhile, the donation is only for donating to our team, it will not guarantee you with any perks from our Patreon. However, you will still be able to receive free updates in the future after donating here.

If you would like to get any perks and receive new updates early, please subscribe from our Patreon instead!

- Ardolf

guess what? We now support IOS,lol

Due to the URL change, 

the latest itchio version has solved this problem

Due to the URL change,
the latest itchio version has solved this problem

Yes, while the animators were too tired to do anything other than animate new versions, I'd better be considerate

In a nutshell I'm not good at rhythm games either, the rest of our crew are the real players, 

Easy difficulty is challenging for me, but it's interesting to try to follow the rhythm to make the beast husband fuck harder

Any! The other difference is that you can get more awards

I'm always intoxicated by his smile, ohhh

I'm sorry that BeastBeat's subscription method is only Patreon,currency conversion service can be provided for payment by paypal
games acquired through other methods except Patreon and Itchio are not included in the after-sales range

When can I get a website in a box I will provide it to you
Lets try this

we did have now

Yes, the Patreon version will be 1 month ahead of the Itchio version

oh! We've never tried to run it on other systems,
the blur effect is really performance-hungry, maybe for this reason

We recommend running it on a compatible system
Just join the server and post in official support

ok, we will include this feedback

Can you report the problem in the discord channel by recording the screen, it will be very helpful

I'm glad you like the combination of furry CG and rhythm games. We have also received some feedback on the improvement of the interactive experience. I think we will design a gamepaly motion optimization for BB after the development of the new game is completed.

We are not familiar with IOS system development, and there is no plan to release an ios version yet

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maybe the computer configuration is insufficient and cannot be loaded or it takes a long time to load

Nope, there is no difference as long as the ejaculation animation is achieved

I'm afraid there is no way except to turn the phone upside down, LOL

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Of course safe, unless you're worried that lust will infect you

Haha you don't want this,because the mobile version

you can try turning the phone upside down, the palm will block the Note

It's already there, in Patreon reward

You can click on the avatar of the musician on the credit page to go to their personal homepage to get the music

I'm afraid it can't be done, but it's an interesting idea and I like it

Nice suggestion on percussion sounds, we'll discuss it and see if we can implement it

what is lovense device?

Please check the forum pinned article

We currently only use patreon as a sponsorship platform.

You will get pc version and android version in patreon sponsor award