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Modular Roleplaying in the Bronze Age of Comics · By Jeff Stormer

Example of play :)

A topic by ZeVolsung created Sep 15, 2022 Views: 41 Replies: 1
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Example of play helps a lot on the Back Issues.

What about one dedicated to the full doomsday clock? :)

That would be interesting but difficult... Superpowered characters could try to stop or limit the effects of World War Three (or whatever other cataclysm is happening) or make them worse, but non powered characters would be sitting ducks forced to see the end of the world while being unable to do anything to stop it or limit themselves to save as many people as possible and stop riots and criminals from making things worse for the civilians.

I also raise the idea of an "endgame" Back Issue about the end of the Bronze Age of Superheroes and the rise of a new generation of Superheroes... one that's more extreme, obsessed by popularity and fame, willing to kill and cause as much destruction as possible in order to achieve their goals and more often than not are unknowingly pawns of the bad guys: the Iron Age Superheroes (aka early Image Comics superheroes like Spawn, Youngblood, WildCATs and more). Basically you're either given the chance to try to stop them from causing more damage or accidentally helping the bad guys achieve their goals even if they're much more powerful, have a better public image than you and have the support of politicians and/or big companies or join them and compromise your morals in order to keep the tabs on what the bad guys are planning and have a better chance to at least stop some of them, alongside some neat extras like a big paycheck and various helpful connections.