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Empire Deluxe Combined Edition

The latest in the classic Empire Series of games, which has spanned almost five decades. · By Killer Bee Software

Info on some submitted maps

A topic by Killer Bee Software created May 30, 2018 Views: 429
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I got an email regarding some maps that were submitted, so I thought I would share the info here. this description only talks to two of the maps.

The first is a cylinder world (180 x 110, horizontal wrap). On this one, there is a single large river which winds around the entire world. There are 150 cities; 4 are “important.” Three of these are also spawn points. A suggested victory condition is the capture of all four of the important cities.

Almost all of the cities are located on the world river or on one the many streams which feed into the river. Initial exploration ought to follow the waterways.

Most of the cities are also given names in rough groups. This is another aid for exploration.

There are 140 resource locations. Many of them are loosely clustered as resource rich regions. These resource regions are usually not near concentrations of cities. Not using or underutilizing engineers could be a serious mistake.

There are several long mountain ranges with peaks severely limiting overland travel away from the rivers and streams. There may be a pass or two through or around most of these mountain ranges. An AI opponent will find these passes and exploit them.

The ENHANCED AI opponent plays this map better than an Expanding AI opponent. Set up and watch a game with three ENHANCED AI opponents to see how the AI opponents expand and then stall. The AI opponents have difficulty locating the fourth important city.

A human opponent against two ENHANCED AI opponents should prevail in roughly 300 turns. Contact with an opponent won’t occur until around turn 100.

The second is another cylinder world, but smaller (125 x 80, horizontal wrap). There is one large “crater lake” on the planet fed by four separate rivers/streams and ringed by a roughly circular mountain range with peaks. There are four spawn points, all located around the crater lake. Contact with opponents occurs quickly. There are 84 cities in total. 30 are inside the mountain range surrounding the crater lake. Each spawn point city has almost exclusive land access to five of these cities. A human opponent against three ENHANCED AI opponents should prevail in around 200 turns.

 If you have a map you want to share, please do!