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Basically Scrap Mechanic.

A topic by товарищ Havoc DC FC HC TU [NU] created Sep 12, 2022 Views: 397 Replies: 11
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At least give credit to Axolot Games. Don't even try to tell me this is an original game.

this is an actual original game, dumbass

Alright, dumbass

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ever heard about genres ? 

or is minecraft an ripp-off of infinityminer just because they both contain blocks (infinityminer was released way bevore minecraft and started the voxel games genre)

They are trying to imitate Scrap Mechanic   -_-

Yes, i do know about Genres, but at least make the game have an original feature, something unique to the game, otherwise it's as good as a mimic. 

If there is an original anything in this game, please do tell.

They even have the same graphics, for goodness sakes.

Just shut up please, you don't see Doom going at Halo for having similar things. Also, if this is unity, it'll probably look the exact same, so please just mellow out. I don't know much about code or anything like that, but one dive into the code is probably better than immediately going after someone.

Yes, I get your point. The code within the game probably is done differently than Scrap Mechanic's code, but it has the same game features that are unique to Scrap Mechanic.

Listen, if this game is a learning experience for him in terms of coding, good for him. This game has probably taught him many of the basics in Unity, but if it is just a test or learning experience, say so, and don't try to sell it as an original game.

That is a very valid point, I just wanted to make it known that the way most people confront this kind of thing is quite rude. That could be degrading for the creator, and the one who originally posts the comment.


Yes, I concur! And if the game creator is reading this, i did not mean to put you down for your game, just to improve it and make something unique about it.