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(you) oh nice  , i am also there (but i do not have enough skill to be helpful with anything other than python / 2d games )-: )

how can i find games that are more traditional games (there seems to be a visual novel gamejam or something going on )?

press mouse?

and spell !

yes that is a very tasty one   with 2 cones for some reason , but look at how many ice-cream scoops it has at least 3 .!

what a cute cat! xD

why tf don't you know how to use grammar !, such a  failure 

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there is a opensource voxel game engine called minetest , it has many of the same features + modding API in lua    so  someone could maybe rebase this into a modpack if it is not updated much anymore

:D   , there is a opensource project called openspace  program maybe you can help the guys there

its released now 

very realistic too !

that is windows being stupid ,

use a vm to run the linux version!.

also pay attention in grade 1 english language arts .

cool :D

i hope i exported this right , i am new to godot

nice  , where getting a whole tux opensource game franchise and i am all here for it

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impressive ,  combat is a bit more difficult though

well low settings may run 

ok   and it is free unlike rust so 


ExploraSpace community · Created a new topic rocket editor

could you add a rocket editor ?

cool  (also consider adding a linux version since wine is not a emulator)

finaly found the esc  key

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ever heard about genres ? 

or is minecraft an ripp-off of infinityminer just because they both contain blocks (infinityminer was released way bevore minecraft and started the voxel games genre)

 it is so much better than minecraft already  , (integrated shaders modding API , subgames ,mod installer ,etc)        not every voxel game is minecraft  

it is called spheretest and is based on a really old version of minetest , also  i would recommend to install 5.61+  because that version includes dynamic shadows + bloom shaders      

windows is much worse actually  here is my linux desktop , now try doing this in windows

no it is not  it is so much better than minecraft , (integrated shaders modding API , subgames ,mod installer ,etc)

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well sys76 makes linux laptops so        even people without knowledge of how to installm linux can use it 


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well  it is opensource :D  so you can try to compile it for newer macs (note i would encourage you to use linux instead of macOS but anyways)  yourself also i would like to remind you that unfortunately you spelled unfortunately   wrong

Oh its opensource to :D     as someone who codes things  this made my day better   

also i find it quite good       

well   to be fair it is free so   if you find it bad simply  uninstall it 

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please add a arm64 and  x86_64 linux  ( debian based , archlinux based , redhat based )version or source code and compilation instructions  

otherwise its a good  demo of what luigis mansion would be like if it was in 2d but i dont use closed source operating systems  and wine does  lag quite a bit 

me using archlinux : 

   tras stands for super  reliant and super good game

you spelled trash incorrectly  

its closed source because it has a virus

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install linux in a virtual machine  or compile it yourself or windows subsystem for linux (if that even works i use manjaro linux btw) supertux 3d  is a game  made for linux not mac os  or windows    so adding a mac os and windows build will be a afterthought    (installing linux would be better      )