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Hello The Project is On? Withdraw Not sent why?

A topic by ZetaxDWX88 created May 28, 2018 Views: 94 Replies: 1
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Hello I am in in few days testing game that alpha test it's very early access, But I am not feel thare team active on it, big or small. 

That game reminds me much Forest it is good game where many updates done, still long time to build it, 
I am also trying test XP coin collecting by play. Nerver receive any Withdraw I tried 3 times :/ 

Game had many little things make it boring maybe can be fixed to next update, But it's about 100 days no one are in.

Hope project still going on

thanks Developers to insert to the world of Crypto and tech experiment

will be interesting it will work.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hey there Zetax!

Forest Siege had a sudden halt in development due to an issue with the game's partner in Q1 2018 and the connection to the eXperience Points (XP) cryptocurrency was broken so your in-game XP may eventually be converted into a different currency.

However, towards December Forest Siege may be making a comeback. 

Please stay tuned and following for extra announcements in the near future!