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Hey there Zetax!

Forest Siege had a sudden halt in development due to an issue with the game's partner in Q1 2018 and the connection to the eXperience Points (XP) cryptocurrency was broken so your in-game XP may eventually be converted into a different currency.

However, towards December Forest Siege may be making a comeback. 

Please stay tuned and following for extra announcements in the near future!

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Hello xGOx dev! Been a while, Forest Siege had a coin-scrub not too long ago, this means the coins which had the least usage were removed from the game's Crypto menu. In the withdrawal ratio there were 3 out of every 100 withdrawals which were xGOx (Only 3% of withdrawals were xGOx). JOY was also removed for this reason, it had a usage of only 1 out of 100 coins. XP takes the lead with 96% withdrawal usage. If enough players are willing to play for xGOx and the usage continues, i will indeed consider listing xGOx again! (At no cost to you, since you previously kindly funded the xGOx pool)