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Hello xGOx dev! Been a while, Forest Siege had a coin-scrub not too long ago, this means the coins which had the least usage were removed from the game's Crypto menu. In the withdrawal ratio there were 3 out of every 100 withdrawals which were xGOx (Only 3% of withdrawals were xGOx). JOY was also removed for this reason, it had a usage of only 1 out of 100 coins. XP takes the lead with 96% withdrawal usage. If enough players are willing to play for xGOx and the usage continues, i will indeed consider listing xGOx again! (At no cost to you, since you previously kindly funded the xGOx pool)

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Hello! Alot of players are asking alot of questions, as expected. Since most of the answers are being recycled, i'd like to create an official community FAQ for easier track of current statistics and community-based questions. All questions, newbie (Within genuine reason) to professional, will be answered to the best of my ability!

In no specific order...

1. Why does the faucet tick speed reduce over time?This is to help prevent faucet farmers (players who go AFK to abuse the faucet earnings) from draining the FS Pool and encourage actual play-time  with quests and task rewards.

2. Why are withdrawals so slow?

Withdrawals are slow due to the large verification process each withdrawal goes through, each one has a unique ID on the server-end and in the blockchain, the server-ID contains the withdrawal information, which is then analyzed by the clients and in Unity's analytic servers, converted to .CSV format, and processed by the FS Pool.

3. It's been 3 days, why has my withdrawal not sent?

It's possible you withdrawn at a critical server change, in short, if a new update released, or the servers were interrupted in someway, your withdrawal may not have processed. If you can provide your username to me via contact, i'll gladly scour the system for any missed withdrawals!

4. I've been temporarily banned, why?

Temp bans are initiated by the client itself if it detects an attempted forge of the XP files in the registry or via save-file edits. This is the in-built anti-cheat system. If you have had the "Temp banned" message, the system will have already reported you to my console and analytics, and i will decide weather you're legitimately innocent, or have been baaaad.

5. Why aren't all my crafted objects rewarding me XP?

Not all crafted objects or quests reward XP, generally, the harder the goal is to obtain, the more XP you will be rewarded with, if it's very easy to do there is likely little to no reward for said task.

6. When is the new update releasing?
Depending on the situation, the update may be delayed for development reasons, XP playtesting reasons, or purely because there isn't one. I'll give rough estimates within reason, i often cannot stick a time on things, because not everything is a smooth process in the back-end.

7. Do i have to buy something to unlock withdrawals?

Withdrawing is an entirely free and independent process, purchasing items or services is absolutely not required to withdraw, if you are struggling to withdraw, please check Question 8.

8. I cannot withdraw, why?

If the withdrawal button is entirely gone, and the faucet has stopped. There is likely maintenance being done, if you're certain the game is in perfect condition, check the current minimum withdrawal requirement. Withdrawals disabled from being temp-banned? Check Question 4. If you've already withdrawn but not received it, check Question 2/3.

9. Why do you give away so much XP? How is this possible? Do you mine on our clients?

I give large amounts, and guarantee Forest Siege is and will be the highest paying game. It's possible due to eXperience Points having the PoS algorithm, this means the FS Pool 'stakes', staking is the decentralized equivalent of bank interest. XP's Yearly return is 120%. Meaning i more than double the pool each year. I can more than easily afford this, mining is frowned upon in the gaming community, i do not mine any crypto-currency via gamer clients. This is all ran via PoS interest. Also check out:

When checking reddit, i noticed users are hitting the downvote button pretty hard due to the rumor of Forest Siege using mining software for the coins, Forest Siege never has and never will integrate mining software. The coins are provided by their respective development teams, the reason this is profitable and economically sound is because all coins supported in Forest Siege are PoS enabled, meaning i receive stakes/mints on said coins, i do not PoW mine coins using any gamer's system and you may check your CPU usage for proof, if CPU usage is high, you're likely on high graphical settings or have a lower-spec system than what FS runs at it's best on.

If this isn't enough information for you to believe i do not use mining software in my game, you're free to comment in this thread, or contact me via other alternatives and ask for more information, i will gladly answer any and all questions in the most detail possible.

Have a great day, signing out! -Loopy