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How to print out the book?

A topic by Nikiforos created Sep 04, 2022 Views: 61 Replies: 1
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I've been going on my own little journey using this "system", and so far it's been really fun; however I would like to use it without having to depend on a screen. I've downloaded the "printer-friendly" version, but I'm a bit stumped on how to put together the book. Apologies for the possibly stupid question, I just can't figure it out.


If you print it double-sided, you can assemble it by stacking the pages on top of each other. So the first two pages printed double sided has the front, back, first and last page.  You then print the next two pages, and that gives you the second, third, 26th and 27th page.  And then the next two pages gives the fourth and fifth page, and fills in the back of the book at the same time. And as you add pages, you basically are filling in the book from each side, and the final pages are the middle pages of the book. So then, piled on top of each other, it makes a full booklet.

You can staple them together, or you can be fancy and stitch them together (you can google "bookbinding stitches" if you want to do that).

You probably also want to trim the pages, the booklet is smaller than letter sized so there will be a bit of waste on the side. Or I guess you can keep the extremely large margins and make notes or doodle in them or something.

Hope that helps!