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How do I turn my raft?

A topic by Colt3d created May 26, 2018 Views: 16,367 Replies: 5
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Hello, Im new to the game and made a very simple rectangular Raft and it worked great for most of my game sessions until the wind started blowing sideways, Ive been triying to figure out how to rotate my raft on its own axis, paddling water and  sail only seems to move the raft towards a certain position (theres displacement but no rotation).

Only workaround so far I found was to crash into an abandoned raft to try and flip myself but this is really a maniac strategy.

Unfortunately that doesnt seem to work out, like I described it only makes the raft moves towards that direction.

Its like triying to walk further deep in a hallway but youre not facing right so youre side stepping, need to rotate first then walk forward


Well, I am also assuming you are playing the new version since there are no abandoned rafts in the old one.  At this point, there doesn't seem to be any way to turn your boat but typically, I don't really have a need to as I put nets all around to collect resources but if you miss something and want to go back, the sail and paddle should work if not bumping into an island or the abandoned raft. Something I haven't tried yet that might work is getting an anchor and anchoring yourself down then using a sail / paddle to try to turn yourself around. Good luck and hopefully you find something that works

Thanks for the suggestion, I tried this in creative mode but anchor  only fixes the position within a certain range and thats it.
Tried this out with one sail, two sails, no anchors, two anchors, all kinds of angles and combined with paddling while swimming towards the raft.. nothing really works, this is a really basic and important issue, Its frustrating to keep missing most of the items in the normal mode until I find a raft or an Island  to crash into..

This is the only Issue Ive had in the game.. oh well.

I too found this frustrating, a rudder would be good.  My rectangle shaped raft was supposed to go pointy end first.  In the end i just had to build it wide as well, to collect stuff.  at one point it was travelling diagonal  lol   I gave up trying to use islands to bring it about.  Just go with the flow as they say.

Personally what I would do is run into an island and paddle your way around it this will turn your ship.