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it might help if the game jam wasn't 5 years long

Well, I am also assuming you are playing the new version since there are no abandoned rafts in the old one.  At this point, there doesn't seem to be any way to turn your boat but typically, I don't really have a need to as I put nets all around to collect resources but if you miss something and want to go back, the sail and paddle should work if not bumping into an island or the abandoned raft. Something I haven't tried yet that might work is getting an anchor and anchoring yourself down then using a sail / paddle to try to turn yourself around. Good luck and hopefully you find something that works

By Mistake, Devin, the other host has gone around saying the theme was gravity which is incorrect. The theme is "Steampunk". If you submit an entry with stuff of gravity, I have posted a message in discord, shown the theme on the page, the crowdforge says it and I've made a topic here. You will be marked down if you post something of gravity as the theme is actually as said above, Steampunk. Thanks!

Although I thought it was pretty cool, it is very slow moving (may be just my pc but I have a high end pc so I think it is just there wasn't much time to optimize) and due to this slow moving, you turn slowly and you die within 5 seconds of the game. Some tips I have to make this game better is to make it fast paced, make the enemies do less damage instead of a 2 hit blow, have a small amount of enemies and make it increase as you get further down the track or into further levels, more enemies come, make the character faster than the enemies if you want to have alot of enemies or want faster paced combat. Just some basic ideas as I didn't want to go overly indepth unless you are going to persue this game after its entry. Overall, very well done