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Turn based roguelike with an advanced health system · By Sheriour

That font

A topic by lars_umlaut created May 24, 2018 Views: 193 Replies: 4
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I'm intrigued by the combat system, but man oh man that font is hard on the eyes.  The small-caps make it difficult to quickly digest a screenful of information.


In that case you will probably be happy to hear that new version (coming in a couple of days) uses a different font, which comes in both serif and sans serif flavour.

Awesome!  That looks much more readable; looking forward to it!

Ooo, yeah, that's much better!  Thanks!


You weren't the only one to have trouble with that font. I felt it was ok, but then after swapping to another one (had to do some clenaup and refactoring in the code to allow such swaps) I realised just how unreadable the old one was in comparison.

Glad you like the new ones!