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A few things to fix

A topic by Savior42 created May 24, 2018 Views: 84
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Guys, the game doesn't look bad, so good job there, but I have two big problems with it:

  • the screen bounces around so much it feels as if I was trying to play a game during an earthquake. The movement of the character is fine (I think), but the viewport just jerks around way too much and too wildly. For instance, if I make the protagonist turn back (e.g. press right facing left), the screen jumps, even though the character barely moves
  • I am not left handed, and the cursor keys don't work. How am I supposed to enjoy the game like this? Either provide a keyset for right handed people (you know, 90% of the population), or let us configure the controls.

These issues, especially together, make the game completely unplayable for me. Would be grateful if you fixed them.

(Also, as I see, the mouse cursor is always visible, not just when there are buttons on the screen. You might want to fix that, too.)