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Fair enough. That joy scheme doesn't sound bad at all.

All that's missing now is the background music. After all, the game's on the C64, so it's not complete without a nice SID tune. :)

What about Fire = mark, Fire + move = mark adjacent cells (in the direction of the move), holding Shift while doing these = mark with X?

Great version, I really like the convenience features (filling multiple slots to right/down, the position indicator, etc.). However, I missed being able to multi-fill X's. Also, I found that pressing left shift while pulling down the joystick enables me to X squares in the column, but I could not find the key to do that horizontally.

I was seriously surprised at how good this game is. Great work, looking forward to more timelines. :)

Guys, the game doesn't look bad, so good job there, but I have two big problems with it:

  • the screen bounces around so much it feels as if I was trying to play a game during an earthquake. The movement of the character is fine (I think), but the viewport just jerks around way too much and too wildly. For instance, if I make the protagonist turn back (e.g. press right facing left), the screen jumps, even though the character barely moves
  • I am not left handed, and the cursor keys don't work. How am I supposed to enjoy the game like this? Either provide a keyset for right handed people (you know, 90% of the population), or let us configure the controls.

These issues, especially together, make the game completely unplayable for me. Would be grateful if you fixed them.

(Also, as I see, the mouse cursor is always visible, not just when there are buttons on the screen. You might want to fix that, too.)

I had problems running the game, having received messages such as "./FXL: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory", even though I had the library installed. Turns out this is because the game is 32bit, so on my 64bit system, I had to install the 32bit version of the missing libraries.

I think you should consider either releasing a 64bit version of the game, or packaging the static libraries with it.

The full list of libraries missing:

  • libxtst-6:i386
  • libgconf-2-4:i386
  • libxss1:i386

The list above is for Ubuntu, Mint, etc; those using other distros might need to add :i686 to the name of the library. 

On the whole, R1iTPoD it a nice little game. I liked the idea of communication / description on joy down. However, I have a few gripes with it:
  • the game is very short -- a Dizzy-like game should have Dizzy-like length :)
  • there are too many red herring objects
  • it was not clear what one must do to win the game. I would rather have three down-arrows next to the transmitter, which would disappear one-by-one as one puts the required items down. Or there could be some change to the transmitter (shape, color, etc.).
  • positioning the enemies to the extreme right of the screen is a very evil move, because basically you have to press jump right away when you enter the screen from the right
  • jump height felt inconsistent, even if it probably wasn't. Maybe because of the placement of tree branches?
  • it would have been nice if the items had names! Some were easy to recognize, but some (lump of coal, pipe?) not really.

Disclaimer: coming from C64, I haven't been able to fully acclimatize to the average quality of Spectrum games. Some of my problems (attribute clashes, no music) can be attributed to that. I know there is music on 128k, but I wasn't able to load the game in Fuse with the 128k ROM.

Probably the only game in the Jam that feels like an actual, proper game, not a BASIC program copied from a magazine. The events are a bit too random, but great fun nevertheless. Finished v1.1 twice, looking forward to playing v1.6. :)