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Little Metroidvania game with a Wizard · By Civetdelapin, SuperFondue

Bugs Megathread Sticky

A topic by Civetdelapin created May 23, 2018 Views: 127 Replies: 4
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If you find any bugs, please report here !

OSX version:

A. lighting option keeps turning itself back on.

B. I have to manually set it to windowed mode every time I run the program


Thanks for your feedback ! :)

A. It's fixed now!

B. I am on it!

Windows version :

A : sometimes when you die in the air the death animation don't stop and you have to quit

B : Boss  respawn when you save but the fight doesn't start if you came from the last checkpoint (Zykow's power)

C : unkillable monster sometimes goes where their not supposed to around Fewwa's Well (never before using checkpoint)

D : is that possible to erase a save ?

E : sometimes final boss fall to close wall and then he jump out of the screen and never come back

Thank you for this great game !!


I believe every bug are now fixed!

I need to make a better save menu, but if you want to delete a save you can simply delete the playerInfo_x in C:\Users\Civetdelapin\AppData\LocalLow\Rey Brothers\MagicLess

Thank you for your feedback!