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A topic by panthermyg created May 21, 2018 Views: 759 Replies: 11
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I have a question: 

I contributed for your first Campaign on Fundrazr for To the Edge of the Sky. I can't remember the name, but it was $20, and the description said, I would get the premium content. So, how can I play the game with the premium content now? And when do I get the rest of the "prices" ?

Developer (1 edit)

You should be receiving a key shortly. The rest of the rewards should be starting to ship out between now and throughout summer.


Ah, okay! Got it! Thank you!

i already download but could not open the file. How can I play? And are the content of the download are only for the pc version? As I try to download it in android, it would not open and the available ones are only if I pay more. I'm lost

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Click the android link and click purchase item DO NOT HIT CONFIRM instead click your payment method (for me it was just displayed as my credit card number) this should allow you to change it to redeem code! 

Thanks for the  hint! It worked for me. =)

Thanks I've got it 💕 sorry for the trouble :) 

Omg, thank you for this! I was sooo lost for a good 10 minutes till I found this. Thank you so, so much xx

Mine only shows card number :(


also if this doesn't work or seem confusing in some way, you can also just go into the play store and just do the redeem option off on the side, it'll open up to the game download option immediately. 

I love what I've got to play so far! Great writing and art, it's really wonderfull mix :D 


Thank you everyone for helping others and the nice comments...<3