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Yes, i can download it now, thank you ! <3

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Hi, is second act out already? I bought it and it still shows me Not available for Windows. Or is it a bug? Thanks :)


Lovely demo :D

Wow, this game is unique beauty.

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Stay hydrated Chiel <3

Ah, first one was so goood, looking forward to this one :D

I can't install it either.

That game is great fun! I love this mix of court politic and stat raising game, fantastically writen with a lot of events and oportunities for horrible death. It's also very pretty, character are versatille and great fun to interact with. Good luck with it <3

Lots of luck! <3

There is a lot of interesting characters in here. I liked it quite a lot, it's both hearthwarming and heartwrenching story. I cant wait to see next act.

I love what I've got to play so far! Great writing and art, it's really wonderfull mix :D 

I got this game on steam, and it's fucking amazing. I wasn't expecting to like it so much, it's perfect - blending writing and art into elixir that punch your gut with magic, that you dont have enought of. I love the world heroine lives in, it's so amazing getting to know different aspects of it per route. Art is gorgous, it's so pretty to look at, and it's in pair with writing. Can't wait for Takumi route soon!