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The Bricksperience

Build brick-building sets from the perspective of a minifigure. · By DasMatze


A topic by martinkors created May 21, 2018 Views: 88 Replies: 3
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Is there anyway that we can help implementing the missing bricks into the game? I would be happy to help you.

Developer (2 edits)

Unfortunately not. The only thing that can be done is posting which bricks are missing / which bricks you need (the list of IDs that is shown after importing/loading a set with missing bricks).

I then need to convert them into the right format and size, edit them if they have too many visual problems, import them, apply materials, edit some settings of the meshes, create icons and add them to a database in the game. It's a lengthy process. Additionally only at the weekends I find time to work on this project.

If you ever need any help with improving your game then I will be at your service. I have lots of time for projects and have 8-9 years of coding experience in multiple programming languages and experience with both Unity and Unreal Engine. I really love your game and I think that it has a lot of potential. Please reply if you could use some extra help.


I appreciate your offer but have to decline.

Not only the entire project is made with blueprints (unprofessional but I cannot code) but also the reason why I taught myself many aspects of game development in the past 12 years instead of focusing on one or two areas is because I am not good at working together with other people when it comes to projects which are important to me.