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Carpentry Story 馃尣馃獡

Restore town and save residents by making furniture! 路 By fizzlymike

Barrel material Locked

A topic by LoriIsAlive created Aug 24, 2022 Views: 180 Replies: 10
This topic was locked by fizzlymike Jul 31, 2023

Bug has been fixed.

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Hello. I like this game very much. But the thing is, i seem to have a problem with crafting barrels.

No it's not a bug. It's just me. I can't seem to find the brown/black clam(i guess) material. I searched everywhere. I've tried fishing everywhere too but it didn't show up. Can i have some tips? Thank you.

Developer (1 edit)

Dear LorilsAlive, thank you for trying Carpentry Story! I had to say it's sadly a bug :( Because you need iron clamps for this.  Try use  them instead clams which shouldn't be there ^^' The clams on the blueprint is a visual bug, I'll fixed that right now, but didn't uploaded fixed version (still has some things to fix). And the brown clams are just cooked clams, you can cook them over the fireplace :)

Thank you very much for replying! I'll try that now (even though i still don't know where t find clams:vv)


Yeah, I removed clams as I see now, changed them into Pretty Shells, haha, sorry for misleading... so many changes that i'm already getting lost.

I see. And may i get a tips on where to find marbles?? (so many questions i'm sorry:'D)

Developer (1 edit)

Marble can be mined in the cave in lower levels of the mine.

Developer (1 edit)

May I ask is there anythign you especially like or somwthing that you really don't like in Carpentry Story? Really appreciate feedbacks.

What i like the most is maybe the crafting feature. It's just so unique!! There's nothing that i don't like tbh. But some ideas i can give is maybe adding a boy character or giving a side or secret quest! like maybe a quest to find out more about someone or the village, that would be fun:D.

That is if you want to, it's your choice! (Sorry for the super late reply:'))


Hello, no problem for late reply. I'm just curious about "adding a boy character", what do you mean by that? Because you play as a boy actually ^^' But of course it can be interpreted however you like. I'm also working on an update that brings more life to the village, but it's going slowly because I'm working on a new game, too. thanks!

What i mean is adding another male character to befriend with like all the others:D Maybe one of the villager's brother, or a new person who also came from the city! It would be cool if theres also some feature we could unlock after befriending the villagers. Also, good luck on the new games:DDD


Okay, got it :) Thank you. 

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