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Combat Jr

Zelda x Street Fighter x Smooth Jazz Chip Hop · By Interdimensional Space Wizards

Development Roadmap Sticky

A topic by Interdimensional Space Wizards created May 04, 2016 Views: 1,499 Replies: 17
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Developer (4 edits)

Combat Jr. II is not a complete project. We are going to be continually updating this project, and all of our updates will be posted on the game page. This is the roadmap for how we plan on turning CJr2 into something even bigger and better.

  1. Optimize code for faster workflow and adaptability - we need hooks for a faster, more efficient system to add new items, environments, and interactions. Summer 2016
  2. More environments and Items - we will implement the same basic items we already have into the new version of CJr, but we need to test to see how even more items make the game feel Fall 2016
  3. Single Player Dungeon - this is the proof of concept for the single player mode. It will incorporate a small section of the overworld and introduce the small tweaks we plan to add to the classic Zelda formula Winter 2016
  4. Hype & Investment Phase - not exactly a fun part, but necessary TBD
  5. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen - all good things come in pairs When It's Ready

Is there any plan to have online with friends?

Developer (1 edit)

There aren't any current plans for online with friends (or enemies ;)) yet. Local versus is the goal and we're hoping single player content with satisfy the lone gamer.

Developer (1 edit)

We got into Combo Breaker's Indie Cade!!!

We're celebrating by adding new maps. The first map is a dark dungeon with tight hallways and traps. The second map will go the opposite direction and be a huge grassy plain.


oh god we fixed a real dumb bug. This combo breaker update is going to be real goodness


5/24/2016 The Arena Update!

The first new arena is Dungeon. It's a small, tight, dark arena featuring deadly traps. Stand your ground or run through quickly. A sniper sitting in the middle can be deadly.

The second new arena is Sun Prairie. It's a wide open plain with lots of vegetation. You can't stay hidden in the tall grass forever.

  • Iron Lance - active frames cut down
  • World Mace - startup lengthened
  • Treecutter - cooldown shortened
  • Bendhammer - collider box increased, startup shortened
  • Roundshield - given QuickTurn()

So we've been neck deep in refactoring and redesigning the game. It's going really well. Movement bugs are going away, adaptability is going up, and it's just looking cleaner.

Sujan is working on the new and improved Character Select interface. Raffy is working on new art, animations, and designing more versatile weapons. Old weapons marked by an asterisk have new moves. New moves come in the form of push or smash attacks like Smash Bros. or autocombos. The new weaponlist is as such

Moon Blade*

Kings Sword*

Tomahawk -->> Polled Hatchet with a fire attack

Iron Lance


new Scaletooth -->> Staff with the head of a firebreathing swamp goblin

Bendhammer* push attack



Explorer/Telescope/EagleEye (So many names!)

Kite Shield

Tomb Shield

Round Shield

World Mace

MonkeyStick* --- this weapon has changed a lot



new Turpentine -->> apply fire damage to your next weapon OR throw flammable, sticky goo.


Cool development news: Zackery Wilson and his brother Jay, Boba Sweat on SoundCloud, have signed up to do music with us. We are *stoked*.

Other development news: we're adding "Auto" builds for new players. In the next build we have eight armors coming up and each armor will have an Alpha and Omega build in addition to allowing custom builds. Check out the new character select, too:


Updated CJr2 with a new title screen and some balance changes. This will probably be the last version of CJr2 proper before we move into the big refactor.


Holy cow, guys. We are getting there! We just showed off at 42 Ale House in MKE and it was a blast. Expect a brand new file in a couple weeks!


The new file is UP! Get it while it's hot! We're rebranding this as just plain Combat Jr. This is the refactored engine. Expect new media as soon as we show off the game and can get hot new footage.

Then, single player modes.


These are the six arenas. We're gonna add Round Play & Match Play and then blast out the single player.


Swapped out the quick roadmap on the main page for dev updates here only. Here's the log before the change:

Latest Updates:

10/30/2016 Six Arena Update

We added an arena select and four new arenas to take advantage of the new engine from THE BIG UPDATE.

  • Training Grounds (New!)
  • Ravine (New!)
  • Old Beginnings (New!)
  • Gate (New!)
  • Temple
  • Sun Prarie

10/20/2016 THE BIG UPDATE.

Refactored the entire engine. Improved physical interactions, added vertical movement. Reworked Character Select interface.

Added new weapons:

  • Throwable Bombs
  • Turpentine Oil Bombs
  • Scaletooth goblinhead that shoots Oil and Fire Oil

9/8/2016 Tweaked Dungeon and Sun Prarie lighting, bug fixes

8/18/2016 Tweaked contrast on sprites and backgrounds, replaced Dungeon barriers with spikes, opened pathways in Dungeon, and added camera effects

5/26/2016 Tweaked some lighting in Dungeon.

5/24/2016 Arena Update! Balance tweaks, bug fixes.




The Score Crossbeam is what lays the foundation for our PARTY MODE, MATCH PLAY, and ELIMINATION modes. It's a UI element that displays the ROUND and HEATS won. Eventually it will be used to push our MATCH PLAY and ELIMINATION MODES.



  • Added first runthrough of Stun on Block
  • Gameplay bug fixes.


  • Lowered speeds overall
  • Sped up TreeCutter
  • Crossbow shoots and recovers faster
  • Fixed a jump stacking bug
  • Slowed down Treelord
  • Adjusted Caltrop damage to 1
Developer (2 edits)

11/11/16 Item Balance Update


  • Bomb detonation time changed from 0.5 to 0.625


  • Made slower overall
  • Reduced angle on TreeCutter Push attack
  • TreeCutter Smash range has been decreased


  • Changed Bolt's speed from 120 to 144
  • Increased Stun from 15f to 60f


  • Increased Arrow Stun from 5f to 15f
  • Increase Arrow weight from 0.01 to 0.05


Added QuickTurn

  • Increased KingsSword Push Stun from 18f to 20f
  • Decreased KingsSword Pushoff force from 10 to 8
  • KingsSword Smash gets more Forward Range
  • Added a KingsSword Neutral attack that swipes at the air but is slightly slower than Push


  • Added QuickTurn
  • Changed Push pushoff force from 10 to 8


  • Added Quickturn


  • Starts up 3f slower
  • Finishes 2f faster overall

11/16/16 Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Draw text now appears properly
  • Arena Select bug is fixed
  • Added fire to temple
  • Rotated players towards center of arena when spawned
  • Adjusted environment/wooden-shield collision effect